Author of the Algy Temple Mysteries

About Algy Temple

Algy Temple is the intrepid sleuth at the center of J.J. Partridge's mystery series. University Counsel at the fictitious Carter University, in Providence, RI, Algy dwells in a world where mystery and intrigue are commonplace and truth is oftentimes subverted by those in power. 

Seemingly unsolvable mysteries are always at the heart of author J.J. Partridge's stories. A colorful cast of supporting characters provide both drama and moments of comedy. Algy's nemesis, Mayor Angelo "Sonny" Russo and his love interest, beautiful psychologist Nadie Winokur, are just two of many unforgettable characters to grace Algy's world.

Read more about Algy Temple's exploits in Carom Shot and Straight Pool as well as the soon-to-be-published Scratched