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Algy Temple never thought of himself as a sleuth. Far from it. As University Counsel, his plate was full: a serial rapist on the campus, a new president at loggerheads with Providence's mendacious mayor, and a charismatic African-American minister about to bring the already edgy campus to a boil. Algy's affair with a beautiful psychologist and his family's tradition of stewardship toward Providence's minorities were further complications in his life. And lurking in the recesses of his mind was a compelling need to refocus his life.

The murder of a former student was for the police to deal with until Algy found himself caught in a web of deceit, corruption and revenge—and in a new and not unwelcome role as a detective.

As in a game of pool, Algy called the shot, aimed and pocketed the killer.

Critics Weigh In on Carom Shot

"Carom Shot is a good, old-fashioned crime novel set in a familiar location but with an imaginary character to the city." - Providence Monthly

"A unifying factor for all the novel's characters is what Partridge calls the 'old-world murkiness' of the city of Providence, which he captures so well in descriptions of both the physical setting . . . and the emotional atmosphere." - East Side Monthly

"Carom Shot . . . is a good read." - Bill Reynolds, The Providence Journal

"Carom Shot is a solidly plotted traditional mystery with enough twists and reversals to appeal to puzzle lovers. An engaging protagonist." - Robert Knightly, editor, Queens Noir; contributor, Brooklyn Noir and Best American Mystery Stories of 2007

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