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New Books

Posted by: J. J. Partridge on 3/30/2014

A number of people have asked about other books, other characters, and other locations.

This is what is on the top burner now. A Reckoning is a mystery thriller featuring a one-armed Iraqi war veteran, Jake Fournier, now on the Rhode Island Parole Board. Jake is a recent widower whose wife was killed in a hit and run accident; Jake is in pursuit of his wife’s killer. Meanwhile, the Parole Board has received a petition for parole from an inmate serving a life sentence for the murder of an old woman in the rural town of Greenwick, Rhode Island. His face was blown away by the old woman, he has been brutalized during his many years of incarceration, and his application for parole becomes a local, then national, controversy inflamed by social media. Has the “Greenwick Monster” been long incarcerated simply because his face is so hideous? Was his trial fair or rigged? Meanwhile, Jake has discovered that a psychotic “connected” hood was behind the wheel of the truck that killed his wife. Jake confronts both his wife’s murderer and the private and public controversy corruption in the Parole Board as he seeks a reckoning with the murderer and justice for the Greenwick monster.

Shortly, I’ll update you on Saigon Tea, a mystery thriller set during the Tet Battle in Saigon and in current Ho Chi Minh City as a group of veterans return to investigate the murder of a Vietnamese woman translator who worked for them during those chaotic days.

And Salt Key, a thriller concerning a death on an isolated Bahamian island, involving a young emergency room doctor from Boston on vacation, an island retreat owned by hedge funds investors, Russian oligarchy, and Mexican drug lords. The illness and death of a resident involves the doctor, his wife, and young daughter in a web of intrigue and terror as the young doctor fights for their lives and reputations against enemies who do not recognize norms of decency and morality.