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When in Rome, Research!

Posted by: J. J. Partridge on 8/30/2012

When in Rome, Research!

Just back from Rome to check on locations and hear the vernacular spoken as part of the research for my newest Algy Temple mystery, Scratched. Bella Roma, where every street corner holds a surprise. Fellini would like our characters. Even sat at his hangout, the Geneva, at the Piazza del Populo  watching the evening crowds in their passing. Checked out all the restaurants and cafes in the book, had the same dishes as our hero, walked the same streets. I think I’ve captured the atmosphere of the Eternal City and some of the characters and characteristics of its denizens. Think Leone and Venice, not a postcard of the Forum.

My latest Algy Temple mystery, Scratched, has scenes in Rome at various locations including the Grand Hotel della Minerva, The Hassler Hotel, the Palazzo Spada, da Lucia trattoria and LaScala trattoria in Trastavere, the Caffe della Pace near the Piazza Navona, Palazzo Corsini, and other locations.  The  hotels are upper scale; the restaurants  and cafes are from Fellini. 

The banker and the driver in the book are from imagination but the dress, manners, and speech, I assure you, are close to the mark, as are the political comments and television programming. Will eventually give you some photographic images to help your imaginations.