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Hello, Algy Temple Fans!

Posted by: J. J. Partridge on 7/12/2012

Hello, Algy Temple fans!

The third novel in the Algy Temple series, tentatively titled Scratched, is on its way.

During the East Coast’s largest pool tournament held  in Providence, RI, with all the demi-monde of the pool world, Algy deals with gambling, big-time private games, criminal gangs, fixes, fraud, and, of course, death. On campus, things are always popping at Carter University (this time it’s a politically correct calendar change), and Providence politics are down and dirty, as usual. Sonny Russo is out of office but still a player.

How does a Ponzi scheme not unlike Madoff’s, a writer of James Bond-ish thrillers, the Carter University Institute of Italian Studies, and  a Saturday night Waterfire event get in the mix?

I know it has been a while but good things await, faithful fans. From Providence to Rome and back again, Algy is a peripatetic in two weeks of  whirlwind moves that keep you turning pages.

All in the hands of my agent.

 C’mon Scratched.