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Posted by: J. J. Partridge on 1/14/2013

Every author  acknowledgement section, those last pages we often skip by since the novel is complete. contains a salute to the folks behind  the writer, those that have stood by, commented, and given the book its birth to a reading public. For the most part, their roles are not identified.   Not so in Scratched. Its initial  readers were invaluable, giving insights as to the book's texture, characters, and plots. Like the first editors of a film, readers are the shock troops of the author, bearing up under misspellings, scene goofs, bad grammar, and plot mistakes. Mine were fearless and patient.

Posted by: J. J. Partridge on 1/2/2013

Bob Knightly, bless him, suggeted that Johnny Temple might be interestted in a Providence Noir . As a reader of the Noir series, I did contact  Johnny and in his reply, made it clear he is interested.

Have to wait  bit to see what might  up to edit or to write a piece. I have one ready to go called "The Woman with the Muncle". If you don't know what a "muncle" is, then you have to wait.