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Posted by: J. J. Partridge on 3/30/2014
A number of people have asked about other books, other characters, and other locations.
Posted by: J. J. Partridge on 3/26/2014
I enjoy being a Westerly resident for part of every year. I think I have captured a lot of what Westerly means to those who live there in Straight Pool. There are fairly accurate descriptions of toney Watch Hill, downtown Westerly, of the summer golf club life for those who are in Westerly between Memorial Day and Labor Day, what it might be like to practice law in Westerly, or to have had a family member caught up in the Hurricane of ’38.
Posted by: J. J. Partridge on 3/20/2014
I am surprised that Scratched had not been the title of a book - to the best of my knowledge. I think Scratched is appropriate in a mystery thriller for my reasons including what I hope will be definitions included in the friend piece of the book. That is, I find it to be a very unusual word.
Posted by: J. J. Partridge on 3/12/2014
I am pleased to tell you that Carom Shot and Straight Pool will be published in e-book editions through Köehler Publishing by mid-April.